The Cirqle partners with Crossford Media. Brings in 50 cent, Martin Lawrence, Keri Hilson and LMFAO.

The Cirqle and Crossford Media have partnered to bring exclusive talent into the influencer marketing space. 50 cent, Keri Hilson, Martin Lawrence and LMFAO have all signed on to the network with the aim of working together more collaboratively with some of The Cirqle's global clients.

The artists, who were brought on board of the exclusive segment of The Cirqle network, will be part of a restricted section of the network that brands can only access after running multiple campaigns through the platform. The talent together reaches over 200mln+ consumers across a range of social media real estate. Powerful enough to help brands introduce new products or launch exclusives through a curated selection of top artists.

The Cirqle's technology will enable brands to see what artist - as part of a campaign - has been most effective and which artist needs to put in more work or what social channel should be deployed more often. Audience metrics across 6 variables are also made insightful to clients in one comprehensive dashboard.  

The deal was brokered by Crossford Media manager, Omer Baturay and The Cirqle founder Steven Lammertink, just before the start of summer.