How to fire a product launch in collaboration with publishers.

Wolford has continually positioned itself as a leading innovator in developing luxury basics for women around the globe. That’s why, when the fashion-forward brand saw that their brand was growing, they knew they needed to tap into the community; the only question was how?

Proposing a new type of social campaign, Wolford decided to offer a platform-specific reward to publishers affiliated with our platform. Leveraging Cirqle's marketing suite, Wolford was able to conceptualize, launch and trigger publishers to write about the brand's latest collections.


  • 1 million impressions delivered;
  • CPM of Euro 5.35;
  • Over 17.000 engagement points (Likes, comments, retweets, shares) were delivered across 3 different social channels;
  • 14 influencers were involved in the campaign

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