100Plus Active - Singapore

100Plus Active - activating Singaporean athletes.

100Plus is a very well known isotonic drink across South East Asia. While the original 100Plus is carbonated, 100Plus Active is non-carbonated and thus extra suitable to consume while working out. F&N foods, the parent company of 100Plus, chose top partner with The Cirqle to ensure their target customers learned about this.

The Cirqle recruited athletes and sports&health lifestyle creators to produce high quality content and to generate awareness around the non-carbonated and hydration aspects of 100Plus Active.

Due to the right fit between the creators and the brand, and the right incentive offered by 100Plus, 70% of the talent pool published additional content during the campaign. Through this careful recruitment of the creators, the campaign was able to over-perform the expected impressions by over 475%.

The engagement rate on this campaign proved that the creators were selected successfully based on the demographics data the Cirqle platform provides. The content created for 100Plus Active resonated well with the target audience, and the engagement on the posts outperformed the projected engagement by 145%.

Download this case study to learn how to activate Singaporean athletes to educate your target audience:

  • Work with athletes within Singapore;

  • Realise product adoption;

  • Educate your target audience through creators;

  • Build a strong network of passionate fans and advocates;

  • Create high engaging localised content;

With Cirqle as a partner, 100Plus was able to monetize images on social and on their website. Read the full case study to learn how your brand can too.


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