NYFW '15 Infographic

With close to $900 million dollar in revenue for the city of New York, over 230.000 people attending and a 193% increase in Instagram activity, the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week is the prime event for the fashion industry.

For the second year in a row, we're looking back at our data to discover top performing brands during and around the fashion week. We analysed over 25 million data points by over 4200 influencers across Instagram during 3 days. We're looking back at the 2015 performance of the brands that participated and were most frequently mentioned or written about.

The results are illustrated by the infographic below and are ordered according to geographic region, countries and brands generating the most buzz. We've even been able to trace back to the most mentioned product. 

Have a look and feel free to share!

*Click on the image to enlarge

Special credits to our data scientist Wisse Barkhof and visual designer Marin Licina.