Influence vs. Affluence

One of the first things clients ask us when they launch a campaign through The Cirqle platform is how can we help them identify and recruit the best and most affluent influencers for their brand. Of course, this may seem easy from the outset, but the perils of the market have proven otherwise all too often. At best, brands can now only hope to steer opinions that consumers have about them - and to do so, they turn to an ever expanding marketing stack of technology services and media companies. At a time when many are blocking traditional banner ads or skipping TV commercials (Netflix), influencers become the pinnacle of leading conversations with the world.

Oliver Luckett, founder of TheAudience (acquired by Disney) and close friend of the company, introduced the concept of ‘affluencers’ to me a while back. Being the visionary that he is, Oliver noticed that brands should look out for the people who influence the influencers. These people, these ‘affluencers’ can help shape brands at a far greater pace than a handful of ‘traditional’ influencers can do all together across a series of influencer programs.

The meteoric rise of affluencers with the likes of Kanye West, A$AP Rocky and Cardi B form the cornerstone of this trend in the fashion landscape and will spread further across the social web over the years to come. This second edition of our newspaper will give unique insights into how the APAC region and especially KOL’s (key opinion leaders) across that area can help shape brands overnight. With an $18 billion dollar market, we talk to our partner, Jude Kim, from The SMC, who shares market knowledge and his perspective on the importance of KOL’s and affluence. We also sit down with Alayna Palgon, who spearheads influencer marketing at Marina Maher Communications, the prime agency that serves top clients in the United States and whom we’ve partnered with as well.

We’ll also bring you the world’s first technology that enables clients to attribute influencer campaigns to actual conversions/sales. This is a solution we’ve worked long and hard on and we can’t wait to show you. We’ve piloted the technology with a range of clients and it has proven to be incredibly promising.

In this newspapers edition, make no mistake about it, will bring you the importance of the influencer market, as well as global market insights that we’ve collated over the years, and will open the door to helping you identify your brand influencers.