Opening of our Shanghai Office

We officially opened our office in Xintiandi area in Shanghai. Xintiandi is considered one of the most beautiful areas of Shanghai, surrounded by parks, art galleries, restaurants and shopping malls. Many creative agencies have established their office in this part of the city over the course of the past year and we are beyond excited to be part of the Naked Hub community in China. The Naked Hub is a vibrant community of over 9000 professionals with over 30 locations across Asia. Their footprint enables our team to represent the Cirqle across the entire of Asia.

Our efforts to move into the Chinese market are strongly connected to our ability to offer both existing and potential clients the opportunity to run campaigns across China. The move will also enable Chinese brands to run influencers campaigns across the USA, Europe and other parts of Asia like South Korea and Japan. To serve both groups of customers we’re currently in the process of expanding local teams in both Shanghai and Beijing. Our team is rapidly growing and will focus on business development, localisation of creatives and influencer and campaign management.


As an originally Dutch company, nurturing local partnerships is absolutely critical to success in China. We are extremely thankful to have the pleasure to partner and work with renowned agencies that have local knowledge of the Chinese platforms, a network of influencers (or key opinion leaders as there are referred to locally) and close relationships with Chinese brands. Some include Huawei, Xiaomi and Lenovo.

Since influencer marketing in China is inseparably connected to online retail, The Cirqle also collaborates with experts in e-commerce at TMall and Taobao, part of the Alibaba Group. Our Chinese team team is now able to facilitate brands with language and cultural translation, to adapt the campaign content to the local culture and consumer.

Western social media platforms, such as Instagram and Facebook, are blocked within mainland China. Beyond that, Chinese platforms such as Weibo, Yizhibo and WeChat are significantly and fundamentally different in their use and application from platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. Live streaming is absolutely at the core of the Asian market and is essential to generate brand awareness and online sales. With the help of our local team we are able to report on the performance data of the campaigns on these Chinese platforms as well.

The influencer marketing landscape in China is both mature and extremely volatile, rapidly adopting new technologies and filled with opportunity. Educating potential and existing clients on what to expect across the Chinese wall will be ingredients in successfully adopting to the culture and launching influencer campaigns. 

If you have any questions regarding influencer marketing in China, feel free to contact us at any time by shooting an email to