Why The Cirqle?

Why Choose The Cirqle?

With a plethora of influencer marketing agencies out there, it's outright dizzying and hard to know who to invest with. This is a question clients looked to me to answer in my past life (just two weeks ago!) as an influencer marketing professional. Working for a decade on the agency side of things, I watched influencer tech companies/networks rise to the top and then slowly fizzle out of favor. So why, ON EARTH, did I leave my cushy VP of Influencer Marketing title at a top Manhattan PR firm to work with The Cirqle? I'm so glad you asked!


1. Innovative technology that proves influencer ROI. 

I've had a diverse experience working across high-end cosmetics, retailers, hard core pharmaceuticals, condiments, financial institutions, consumer health products -- the list goes on; but, one request remains constant and fervent: deeper ROI proof is crucial to the legitimacy of the influencer marketing industry. This is the pulse behind each program at The Cirqle. By securing authenticated data from influencers, they have the ability to ascertain which influencers will be the right quantitative fit to reach brand goals and inspire your target audience to action. This also benefits influencers who can easily demonstrate their capacity to deliver on a brand’s goals.

Beyond authenticated data, The Cirqle has also developed creative tech solutions poised to push audiences further down the purchase funnel. Taking advantage of mobile wallet technology for more than just airline boarding passes and leveraging it for coupons with built-in, geo-targeted push notifications is just the type of creative problem solving you can expect to see out of The Cirqle. 

2. An eye for style and design. 

Quantitative influencer assessment is crucial, but let's not minimize the art of influencer marketing. Be it a P&G shampoo account, Barnes & Noble, or the swanky new CitizenM hotel in the Bowery, The Cirqle pivots with agility to design programs that can compel a variety of audiences to action. This agility and respect for the qualitative, empowers content creators to capture their experience with a brand through their own eyes.

It's a lesser known fact about me, but I was trained as a photographer in college. Endless hours in the dark room pursuing my B.A. in Art & Art History at Colgate University, gave me a deep appreciation for the power of visual storytelling.  It's why the artistry of influencer marketing is one of my greatest passions. At the end of the day, highly authentic stories are what each brand is seeking from their influencer marketing efforts -- the kind of stories that light a fire and spark joy for potential consumers catalyzing them to action. The Cirqle lives and breathes this; and, it's why I've seen countless Fortune 100 companies applaud their work.

3. In-house tech resources for real-time advancements. 

"Oh yea, that feature will be launching in Q3 ..." Sound all too familiar? In my experience, tech update delays are commonly the result of offsite dev teams (usually in Eastern Europe somewhere) who not fully integrated into the team. In an industry where 24 hours can feel like a week, influencer marketing tech solutions cannot take months to adapt. Those who do take too long tend to be the companies that fall behind and fizzle. That's what differentiates The Cirqle. Need an update that will optimize your business this quarter? Envisioning a new influencer program approach that could yield results if only the tech existed to support it? Call Jon or Jelle! They sit with the larger team working day-in and day-out to help make influencer tech solutions a reality. That's the kind of tech integrity you want in your corner, folks. 

4. International network that can service global opportunities. 

If you thought the influencer marketing landscape in the US was tricky, try navigating multiple regions with different philosophies and approaches. In a world growing smaller and smaller thanks to tech advancements, compelling, universal storytelling from influencer marketing appreciates in value; but, that doesn't mean it's easy to launch programs in each region. Well, unless you partner with The Cirqle.

Their office in the Netherlands is a hub for staff from 7 countries who speak 11 languages fluently and are ready to strategize, conduct influencer outreach, negotiation, execution and measurement. Each are well-versed in influencer programming etiquette in their respective region. Didn't realize you'd be getting an international ambassador as a client of The Cirqle, did ya? 

Our industry thrives on thoughtful brokerage between influencers, agencies and brands alike. In a world where influencer marketing networks and tech companies are a dime a dozen, The Cirqle recognizes that putting the needs of these three groups at the center of their work is what yields best in class results. On the agency side of things, I struggled to find an influencer tech partner that was equally invested in progressing the industry until I stumbled upon The Cirqle. Today, I'm thrilled to be a partner to this dynamic, innovative team of dedicated professionals as we work together to enhance the benefits of influencer marketing and overcome the shortcomings. 

Interested in learning more about The Cirqle and if our services might be well-suited to your business needs? Great! Give me a shout at alayna@thecirqle.com.