Jair Zino x Under Armour

Under Armour’s full-court press has propelled the athletic-wear brand past Adidas in the U.S. and put Nike squarely in its sights on the world stage. 

Under Armour has not only been a frontrunner of the so-called athleisure trend but has also succeeded building a passionate online community around itself through its investments in technology and integrated fitness apps. Its strong brand messaging through campaigns like “I will what I want” has also touched a chord.

In a collaboration with Jair Zino the brand invited 10 influencers to 'Go Dark' and not post anything on social. Instead of posting to social media, the athletics brand invited influencers to work out in UA gear. The below features the work by talented male blogger Jair Zino in an amazing feature on the Under Armour brand.