NYFW '15 Infographic

With close to $900 million dollar in revenue for the city of New York, over 230.000 people attending and a 193% increase in Instagram activity, the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week is the prime event for the fashion industry.

For the second year in a row, we're looking back at our data to discover top performing brands during and around the fashion week. We analysed over 25 million data points by over 4200 influencers across Instagram during 3 days. We're looking back at the 2015 performance of the brands that participated and were most frequently mentioned or written about.

The results are illustrated by the infographic below and are ordered according to geographic region, countries and brands generating the most buzz. We've even been able to trace back to the most mentioned product. 

Have a look and feel free to share!

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Special credits to our data scientist Wisse Barkhof and visual designer Marin Licina.

Powering the Influence Economy

Welcome to the Influence Economy

At Cirqle, we're lucky enough to work with some of the world's boldest and biggest brands. Over the course of time, we managed to distill a number of key learnings in successfully setting up influencer marketing strategies of which you can download Part I below

The Circles of Influence

Online web-savvy consumers now require greater engagement and information before making a purchase. Meaningful content and relevant information to help consumers make purchase decisions is key. Where the opinions from people they trust count. Consumers are having conversations with their peers online before they make a purchase and to be effective, brands need to be part of that dialogue.

Influencer marketing helps brands and agencies form relationships with key influencers online and partner with them to create relevant, quality content that is trusted by their consumers.

The divide between digital advertising and consumer decision-making continues to grow. Influencer marketing has emerged as a go-to marketing discipline to help marketeres truly connect with consumers.

The Influence Economy

We're extremely proud to release Part I of 'Welcome to the Influence Economy'. The guide contains the necessary steps beauty, lifestyle, fashion and travel brands need to take to become successful in working with influencers. 

OnePiece x Tommy Lei

OnePiece x Tommy Lei

Our beloved subscription client OnePiece came to us with the task of finding influencers to wear their latest OnePiece collection. The goal? Drive traffic to their brand's Instagram account. So, we connected OnePiece with just the right influencer: Tommy Lei from the blog: The results? Downright amazing. 

How to conquer this brave new world?

How to conquer this brave new world?

Almost all big companies in the retail ecosystem know something needs to change - but very few actually pull off change. First step is to realize that you need very different competencies for this new world of retail. Of course, distribution, making a killer product and awesome marketing are still important, but distribution needs to be more agile, production needs to be more attuned and particularly marketing needs a completely different set of paradigms and skills. This means learning to think in terms of customer journeys and experience instead of funnels and (only) conversion rates.

Winds of change in the retail business

Winds of change in the retail business

We live in an exciting time for the world of shopping. Because in the next 10 years, retail will change more than it did in the past 100. Traditional retail players will need to start thinking like startups, listen to their customers and take risks. As for new entrants, there has rarely been a better moment to enter the business - as long as you’re building something for the new rules of retail, not the old ones. Read more to take a deep-dive in the drivers behind fashion retail and the role of curators.