Seb's Haus x Good Earth

This time of year can be so busy.  I know the run up to Christmas can be for me!  In-between Christmas and New Year, I really like to slow things right down before getting ready to start the New Year. It will all be about good living, but until then I will be running plenty of baths and using these scented soaps from Good Earth and really looking after my wellness and regaining my energy levels.

After all the madness is over, I am excited to share with you another post, with great products from Good Earth. But in the meantime I wanted to share some luxury items for your bathroom, the scented soaps, cotton towels and the marble soap dish. I think this marble Vajra Plate, has to be my new favourite.  Its beautifully made and much bigger than I expected. Which is a good thing as it can hold much more than just soap.