Moderosa x UGG Australia

When UGG approached us to find key influencers across Europe, our minds went racing and brought us to the Lovely Roos-Anne van Dorsten from high-end fashion blog

As Fall has finally settled in, now is more the time than ever to wear those Classic UGG Boots, and Moderosa has done a stellar job of doing so as you can see below:

Mes Voyages a Paris x UGG Australia

When UGG Australia came up to us to setup a collaboration with influencers across Europe we immediately felt the excitement.

UGG Australia has been at the foundation of the European womens- and footwear market for years. The brand has established itself as being a go-to for the modern woman: iconic, classic, comfortable and uncomplicated. 

Mes Voyages a Paris was one of the over 20+ influencers that have worked with the brand in the #myCLASSICstyle campaign that we helped launch across Europe. And the results, which are absolute stunning, are highlighted below.