Wolford x Mikuta

Cirqle opens up a new channel for brands to connect with consumers more directly, more organically, and at scale. Our client Wolford came to us with the task of finding influencers to dress in black and white. The goal? Drive traffic to their brand's store account. So, we connected Wolford with just the right influencers: up-and-coming publishers across Europe in an effort to give publishers creative freedom. 

By creating branded content with social media influencers, brands can amplify their message while seducing their target audience. And there are many ways to collaborate and build relationships with great influencers that don't involve a big budget - and Cirqle can help you find the right way to go about it.

As you can see, influencer marketing presents a glaring opportunity for brands to leverage the power of word-of-mouth at scale through personalities that consumers already follow and admire. 

Please find below the shots from Mikuta on her Wolford feature.