Mes Voyages a Paris x UGG Australia

When UGG Australia came up to us to setup a collaboration with influencers across Europe we immediately felt the excitement.

UGG Australia has been at the foundation of the European womens- and footwear market for years. The brand has established itself as being a go-to for the modern woman: iconic, classic, comfortable and uncomplicated. 

Mes Voyages a Paris was one of the over 20+ influencers that have worked with the brand in the #myCLASSICstyle campaign that we helped launch across Europe. And the results, which are absolute stunning, are highlighted below. 

Meanswearstyle x Shinola

There are many ways to collaborate and build relationships with great influencers that don't involve a big budget - and Cirqle can help you find the right way to go about it.

Our subscription client Shinola came to us with the task of finding influencers for their Detroit assembled 47 MM Chronowell watch. The goal? Drive traffic to their brand's online media and store. So, we connected Shinola with just the right influencer:

The Public House of Art x Mixt Fashion

One of our favourite clients The Public House of Art got its beautiful art featured by Mixt Fashion.

"We believe art is for all. To adorn the walls of castles and bedsits. To disrupt not bankrupt. To move, to shock, to offendor go fabulously with your sofa. We have bi-annual themed, eclectic shows that are open to all. We sell photographs in limited editions and unique one-off sculptures and paintings,verified by us and signed by the artist."

Seb's Haus x Good Earth

This time of year can be so busy.  I know the run up to Christmas can be for me!  In-between Christmas and New Year, I really like to slow things right down before getting ready to start the New Year. It will all be about good living, but until then I will be running plenty of baths and using these scented soaps from Good Earth and really looking after my wellness and regaining my energy levels.

After all the madness is over, I am excited to share with you another post, with great products from Good Earth. But in the meantime I wanted to share some luxury items for your bathroom, the scented soaps, cotton towels and the marble soap dish. I think this marble Vajra Plate, has to be my new favourite.  Its beautifully made and much bigger than I expected. Which is a good thing as it can hold much more than just soap.

Me & Orla x Good Earth

Beautiful content for our partner Good Earth by Me & Orla. 

Whenever Orla is grumpy or sad, I throw her in the bath. It’s like my fallback parenting skill, coming just before chocolate and the iPad, & it never fails to lift her mood. It occurs to me now that I’m pretty bad at taking my own advice.
— Me & Orla.

Shop Good Earth products here:

Copper night set
Copper Tumbler

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Pia Muehlenbeck x Lekker Bikes

Summer Cruising with Pia Muehlenbeck x Lekker Bikes 

Pia is one of Australia’s most recognised social influencers. With over 900,000 followers and an engagement of over 9,200,000 likes, her travels and adventures documented by the multi-award winning Creative Director Kane, are followed by their fans globally through social media channels.

Good Earth x Irene Sarah

Good Earth x Irene Sarah

Since we launched the Cirqle in March of this year over 6000 influencers have applied for campaigns that have resulted in the most amazing brand collaborations. This month, we’re pleased to welcome four more brands to the Cirqle family. One of those brands is our subscription client Good Earth

OnePiece x Tommy Lei

OnePiece x Tommy Lei

Our beloved subscription client OnePiece came to us with the task of finding influencers to wear their latest OnePiece collection. The goal? Drive traffic to their brand's Instagram account. So, we connected OnePiece with just the right influencer: Tommy Lei from the blog: The results? Downright amazing.