Life at Cirqle

We help fashion, travel and lifestyle brands distribute their story to enable them to drive consumer engagement, build brand awareness, drive sales and form stronger, more meaningful relationships with influencers. Our team consists of startup engineers, influencers, product designers and big-data bosses.


Our Guiding Principles



"We don't have time to argue, go and do it. See if it works. But come up with a plan first."

If you have a great idea and the will to see it through, you can effect great change. Nothing is off limits—we’re constantly looking for improvements in our products, our processes, and our people. All voices are equal here—we hire people to have an opinion and be creative. If your idea makes the most sense, that’s what we’re doing, regardless of your role or seniority.


Change? We LOVE it. 

"Hunch something just may work a little better the other way around? Go do it"

Inventing the future requires detaching yourself from the past. While we ship a couple of polished product families, we’re just getting started when it comes to building the full ecosystem of technology we’ve imagined.

We iterate obsessively on everything we do, always collecting new information about the right way to solve a problem. Existing components and processes are supplanted by new, better solutions as they become apparent. For those who built the thing being discarded, this is a cause for celebration not sadness. Replacement is viewed as success: we have now reached the next plateau of functionality and design and iteration begins anew.


Kill your darlings

"It's hard to say goodbye to your darlings. But it's the only way up"

We view software as a means of effecting change in the world, not as an end unto itself. Our mission is to help brands and publishers, the people doing the hard work on promoting their product across different consumer segments. We do this by writing software that enables effective marketing techniques against complicated, data-driven problems.

Our work is pretty complex, touching on data science, software engineering, marketing cases, heaps and heaps of data and since we're a startup: little bandwidth to operate by.

By always staying focused on the problems our users are trying to solve, we clarify our own thinking about the right way forward.


Open positions we currently have available

We're looking for the best and brightest across all disciplines and areas of expertise. We don't care if you're young or you didn't walk through the necessary steps of life. Please feel free to apply if you think you're exceptional at what you do. 

Chief Architect

Our chief architect will take on all the challenges surrounding the scaleability of our infrastructure. We have built a product that is used by thousands of retailers, publishers and consumers but this is just a beginning.

Cirqle internship program

Straight out of school, looking for a spot to learn? You've come to the right address. We're always looking for the young and bright. 

Full-stack engineer

We have implemented a product that is already used by a great number of users, but our plans expand way beyond that. Our ideal frontend engineer will be expected to develop these applications further, with a good deal of freedom in his or her choices of technology and architecture.

Frontend engineer

Good knowledge of HTML/CSS, Javascript, ES6, and at least one SPA framework, preferably Angular.js
Experience with Node.js and Express.js

Data scientist

Do you absolutely love data? Want to analyze, visualize and deploy the results from millions of followers social accounts? This is a role for you.