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The Garment District

How interested New Yorkers attracted a whole new crowd to an underrated part of the city through influencers.



How an industry leader marketed its newest smartphone through the people who would use it the most: influencers


EINDHOVEN 365 X ZANDBEEK - won Interactive Media award

Eindhoven knows the power of social influencers, and recently tapped the talents of social influencers to show off what makes the city shine


Munich Event 

How Cadillac created a buzz around their ‘Letters to Andy Warhol’ exhibition through a few key influencers.


oliver sweeney

Sweeney was able to seamlessly bring user generated content into the e-commerce experience.


How Belstaff celebrates their fans in the Here Be Dragons Campaign across Europe and The United States.


marie stella maris

Read up how high-end beauty brand Marie Stella Maris build awareness around their mission for clean water, beauty and cosmetics products.


Top Detroit watchmaker Shinola launched a series of campaigns
to raise awareness for their beautiful brand across key European markets.


Avenue 32

The high-end retailer received over 125.000 engagement points across 6 influencers in 6 countries.

Under Armour

Discover how a leading innovative sports and athletic brand uses Cirqle to target a highly engaged audience.



Discover how a disrupting furniture brand uses Cirqle to collaborate with influencers.

UGG Australia

The original classic was re-introduced in Europe in a collaboration with 22 leading influencers.



Discover how a leading luxury brand uses
Cirqle to help fire a product launch.

V2C Gin

This artisanal Gin brand uses one of the oldest breweries in the world and wanted to spread that story across the globe. This is how they did it.



We delivered 14.7 million impressions for this emerging brand who's conquering the US and the EU by collaborating with influencers.

house of eleonore

Turning content marketing into a $50K Kickstarter success story and a successful launch of the jewellery brand.



How a hotel chain boosted its occupancy rate by collaborating with publishers.

Good earth

Enabling publishers to help drive traffic and sales to your site to the Indian home wear company with over 17 stores.