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Meet our brand new training center: an exclusive and free resource to help you effectively build and manage influencer campaigns.



This resource center serves the single purpose to help get you going on your next influencer campaign. Whether it’s your first or one of many, this guide helps you get the most out of your campaign. Carefully crafted and hand-selected tips and tricks enable you to make the difference for your business.

An expansive guide with resources that have never been shared before, including all the tools and tips and tricks that will help you maximize your next campaign. Here is what we offer:


Become a campaign expert

To help you become an influencer campaigns expert, we have put together an exclusive guide that explains The Cirqle platform essentials one step at a time.

All the recourses you need

This training resource helps educate and makes you learn more about the market, provides free access to unique tools, exclusive expert insights, and 24/7 support for all our clients. We'll give you industry tips and tricks that you’ll never get anywhere else.

How to measure success

As campaign success can be hard to measure and fake followers are (sometimes literally) a dime a dozen, our proprietary technology ensures that you get measurable and actionable results. This training center helps you understand those results and enables you to get the most out of your influencer campaign.

All the tools you need for your next influencer campaign

Tools you didn’t know you needed, but now you can’t live without:

  • How to run your influencer campaign from A-Z, including briefing set up, shipments, content collection etc.
  • How to recruit your influencers.
  • Excel sheets: never again. 
  • How to interpret campaign results, pre- and post-campaign.
  • Analytics that actually say something, and how to read and interpret them.
  • Tips and tricks for using the platform to its fullest potential.
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“When I first heard about The Cirqle People, I was really excited about the possibility of getting to share The Cirqle's expertise in managing their influencer campaigns.”

-- Jolien Berkel, People director


More tips

Our blog provides the latest influencer marketing insights, tips and tricks from our CEO Steven Lammertink, and gives a free comprehensive guide that helps you run your next influencer campaign.


Our Shanghai office

The influencer marketing landscape in China is both mature and extremely volatile, rapidly adopting new technologies and filled with opportunity. Read the full story of our office opening in Shanghai and what to expect from the local markets in the APAC region. 

The power of high quality content

For influencer marketing campaigns to be successful and valuable, content has to deliver and be engaging, unique, and geared to the target audience you aimed to reach. All these elements together translate into one and only requirement: a high-quality campaign that drives actionable and scaleable results. Read about it here: more

For our Dutchies

Check out CEO Steven Lammertink sharing his vision on 'how to earn money with influencer marketing' in a presentation for HostNet. 

The latest improvements to our influencer dashboard

Read about all the improvements made to our influencer dashboard! After speaking with many influencers from our community around the world and collecting feedback, we believe it is ready to show it off. 

How it all began..

Curious to find out how we began our journey and who's the driving wheel behind the company is? We've interviewed the two founders of The Cirqle and asked them some fun and interesting questions! 


To show you a collection of our story, our team & beautiful pieces of content from top influencers participating in our campaigns, we've designed a The Cirqle newspaper! Trust us.. It is worth checking out


Curious to find out more? Excited to receive our 360° guide to become an influencer campaign expert? Join and become part of The Cirqle's people!