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January 2, 2019

Social Creator Authenticity

In this guide you’ll learn how to help clients grow their businesses, how to find your next Commerce client, why Circle members earn more on e-commerce sites, and how to choose a Commerce plan and template.

Now that you have the opportunity to know more about selecting creators to collaborate with, how do we guarantee credibility? Starting with the fact that the creators know beforehand what they are applying for, brand wise but also incentive wise, which proves genuine interest, we provide authenticity data on all creators.

We collect information to ensure you that the creators you collaborate with have none to a small amount of fake followers or 'bots' following them and providing engagement. 

As mentioned before, people are getting more critical and sensitive to information that is wrongful, studies show that 64% of Americans find it difficult to know whether the information online is trustworthy (BoF, 2018). Therefore we try to make sure you are certain that creators speak to a group of real interested followers when posting about your brand and do this in a credible & authentic way. 

Written by Jolien Berkel

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