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January 2, 2019

Social Amplification

In this guide you’ll learn how to help clients grow their businesses, how to find your next Commerce client, why Circle members earn more on e-commerce sites, and how to choose a Commerce plan and template.

With Instagram’s algorithm update it is even more important for clients to develop strategies to amplify influencer content. Amplification is really the only foolproof way to make sure your influencer content is seen by more people especially since our data indicates organic reaches declined by 50% over the past 12 months on Instagram alone.

Improve reach and visibility

Amplification helps brands expand their reach and increase their visibility. When you amplify influencer content, you can drive more people to your website. Amplification of influencer content allows both brands and influencers to keep a close watch on the performance of the posts. Monitoring and tracking these results can help you make any adjustments needed and drive more mobile wallet downloads.

Retarget relevant audiences

 Using the targeting feature in paid Facebook or Instagram ads, you can reach relevant audiences. You can select your audience by relevant locations, age groups, gender, or interests. This ensures that your ads are seen by people who truly matter to your business.

Identify new audiences

Amplification also helps you get access to new audiences. When you promote your content using Facebook or Instagram ads, your brand gets exposed to new audiences. These audiences may have never heard of you, and may not even be following you. However, if your posts are attractive and engaging enough, they’re likely to share them or start following you.

Written by Jolien Berkel

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