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January 8, 2019

Content Approval

In this guide you’ll learn how to help clients grow their businesses, how to find your next Commerce client, why Circle members earn more on e-commerce sites, and how to choose a Commerce plan and template.

To safeguard the credibility of the content made by social creators, most of you would like to check the content before creators post it. If preferred, we make it possible for you to check content for approval underneath the tab 'Approval' once you navigate through your campaign of interest. When social creators are accepted for your campaign they are able to upload their content in this part of your dashboard.

Clicking the name of the social creator on the left side of the page will direct to the content uploaded by this creator, per requested task. It will then show the piece of content together with the caption, hashtags and mentions the creator wishes to post.

As a checklist, it is possible to view the task instructions (required hashtags & mentions etc.) at the right side of the page underneath 'task description'. 

When the creator has not included all hashtags/mentions, used wrong hashtags/mentions or filled out a caption which is not in line with your wishes, changes can be requested. This can be done via you or your account manager.

Changes can be put in and therewith requested by clicking ‘request changes’ below the uploaded content and altering the filled out text. After changes have been put in, click ‘save’, and a message will be send to the social creator.

If changes are requested the creator will receive a message and they can visit their dashboard to view what needs to be changed before you can approve the content. 

If no changes are requested you can approve content and the creator will be notified that their content can go live.

Once all content is approved and social creators start posting, the approval tab will disappear from the dashboard. 

Written by Jolien Berkel

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