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January 8, 2019


Learn what you should pay attention to when starting your creators campaign.

We can't say it too many times, but as much as we want to promote our ‘Content Approval’ part in our dashboard, we also want the creators to appear authentic. We don't want to keep too much control over the content made by creators. Social creators are chosen to collaborate with because of what they have proven to create very well before! The followers of the creator follow that creator with a reason and trust that creator. We are all about the perfect balance between a healthy amount of control, supporting creative freedom and trust. 

If your goal is to receive beautiful usable content from a social creator campaign - it's best to work with creators who are creative and to also give them the chance to be! 

For example, when we ran a campaign for Wolford in 2016, creating beautiful content was their main goal. They collaborated with an amazing, artistic creator who might not have been their most obvious choice at first, but trusted in the capability of the creator and The Cirqle’s advise to look beyond obvious possibilities. It worked out perfectly! Wolford even used the content on multiple channels themselves! http://mikuta.nu/pure-50-wolford/

If control is needed for some reason, try to be innovative! One of our clients once invited four creators to be models in their arranged shoot with a professional photographer. Content was used for advertisement via the brand, on the social channels of the creator, but also on that of the photographer. A lot of channels, reach & beautiful content. A very successful campaign!

It is dependent on what the target is for a campaign, what creators you choose to collaborate with and how much control you really want to keep. 

Written by Jolien Berkel

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