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MEET our new training center, A TOOL TO IMPROVE ENGAGEMENT WITH YOUR influencer management needs THROUGH BEAUTIFULLY crafted campaigns.


Campaigns is built with the simplicity and attention to design that you’ve come to expect from The Cirqle. To help you become an influencer Campaigns expert, we put together this exclusive guide with all the essentials.

“When I first heard about The Cirqle People, I was really excited about the possibility of having the expertise that The Cirqle has in managing their influencer campaigns.”
— — Jolien Berkel, People Director


Our Training facility comes with a bank of useful features about the details on our platform, guidelines, trends and strategy. Here’s a breakdown of our favorites.



Promote store locations, product activations or events by collaborating with a selection of our curated community of 10,000 influencers. We have created a specialised dashboard for these influencers to connect them to brands quickly and easily. Within this dashboard they are welcome to apply for any campaign that meets their interest and for which they are a fit.

Check out the influencer dashboard here, and see how your campaigns presented to our influencers through our platform maintain visual consistency!


You can launch campaigns with existing site content such as briefs, directions and social icons, saving time and reducing the chance for errors. Influencer profile insights, shipment simplification and content collection will make sure your campaign is executed as seamless and time efficiently possible.

Our full cirqle strategy - from message creation to attribution

Our full cirqle strategy - from message creation to attribution

Simplifying tools

With the help of easy-to-use tools we make sure you will receive all needed information pre, during and post campaign. Some of our most valued tools? Search for content, approve content and track shipments. You can also import your campaign performance with a .csv file.

Our content search option will make it possible to search through thousands of pieces of content made by our talented influencers. This enables you to get an understanding of competitors behaviour and to see the performance of your own social strategy so far. 

Regarding your campaign's own content, you can approve or request changes to content of your accepted influencers before it is set live! 

Products to ship to influencers? Ship and provide us with shipment details and keep track of the status in your dashboard!


PERSONALIsED dashboard

The Cirqle offers marketings insights that pair with your overall goals and target analytics in the platform. Now you can get an aerial view of the full conversion funnel, from content creation to actual conversion all in one dashboard.

Find features in the dashboard personalised for you and stay up to date on all steps during a campaign.



Access our platform by signing up to, which is now in the Home Menu. For help getting started, check out the guide on this page.  








Check out this video!

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All in one platform

Inception: our influencers incept your brand message and create stunning content around your campaign goals. The power of user generated content, verifiable throughout our platform.

Distribution: through the influencers' social channels (Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, WeChat and others), influencers distribute the key message they have created and amplify it to their social channels. 

Attribution: up until today, there was no way to attribute an influencer campaign to actual conversion. At The Cirqle, we've been able to develop an innovative tool that enables our clients to track conversions in-shop. Through Apple/Google's integrated passbook we track customers purchase intent and have the unique ability to keep pushing offers. Download your example right here

Search for content

Search for content



The Cirqle breaks down the data from each campaign to make your next one more effective. We offer marketing insights that pair with your overall goals and target analytics in the platform.

Your performance tab in the dashboard provides a detailed overview of all performance statistics regarding your campaign ran through the platform. Starting here, you can get an aerial view of the full conversion funnel, from content creation to actual conversion.

After each campaign, we always provide additional information and debrief with you on results and next steps after the campaign is completed, to continue the success.

Click here for an elaborate breakdown of documented data per campaign.


Seamless set up and execution

Our platform has been built around automation and layering in our personal touch. Because The Cirqle is tech-first, it means we can execute campaigns faster and more efficiently than a traditional agency. The savings we gain from automation, we pass onto you.

Nonetheless, we believe that a personal touch will help your campaign run even more smoothly! Your dedicated account manager will help with training, best practices, recommendations, strategy, suggested influencers and on-boarding new influencers for your campaigns.

Meet our amazing account management team!




Whether you run a personal website or an online store, The Cirqle can enrich your influencer marketing and brand strategy. The Cirqle offers marketing insights that pair with your overall goals and target analytics in the platform. Now you get an aerial view of the full conversion funnel, from content creation to actual conversion. See how others have gone ahead and have completed amazing campaigns!

campaigns in every market

What next?


At the end of a campaign build, clients might ask “what next?” You can help them drive traffic to their new Instagram channel or store and even to your own portfolio by helping your client draft a beautiful and compelling announcement with our platform.



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