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500,000 Verified Influencer Channels, just for you.

Our platform enables clients, small and large, to work with over 500,000 influencers in a cost-effective, data-driven and hyper transparent way.

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500,000 Creators

Access half a million creators hailing from over 37 countries around the world.

Streamlined workflow

Deploy our tried-and-tested streamlined workflows to run successful campaigns.

Real-time reporting

Benefit from AI and real-time reporting, each step of the way.

Top Influencer Marketing Company

Business of Apps – 2020

Our creators reach 1.2 bln consumers worldwide.

Name a country and we've probably run a campaign there. With an audience of over 1 billion worldwide, we can pinpoint and hypertarget your campaign to exact audiences. No lengthy setup times or discussions needed, we quote pre-campaign what we'll return for your money post campaign.



Profiles scanned daily



Identified active creators



Authenticated profiles

No more guesswork.

No more spreadsheets.

With verified data and access to hundreds of thousands of data profiles and influencer rates, using spreadsheets to work with creative talent is a thing of the past. Use our platform to scour, source, recruit and identify talent, in any country, market or category and our analytics suite to backup your decisions.

Technology as Enabler

Guaranteed Results

Need to hit specific results? Not a problem. We leverage technology to anticipate results we can guarantee pre-campaign. Running global campaigns is our forte and we'll always deliver on the KPI's that we've projected pre-campaign. 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Improve and repeat

Up-to-Date Creator Information

We know you’re only as strong as the talent you partner with. To keep tabs on our team of creators, each creator builds a profile with The Cirqle that we update daily. Creator profiles include follower counts, engagement rates, audience demographics, influencer demographics, recent posts, press coverage, bot detection analysis and follower authenticity.

Half a million profiles


Book talent anywhere in the world, any time of day. Don’t wait, get into your first collaboration by booking talent directly through the platform. Automatically make use of our smart contracts that are established once the work is agreed on both ends.

No more screenshots

Automated Data Collection

Never ask for screenshots again. We’ve already compiled the most important data for you in one clear, comprehensive overview, using state-of-the-art data points to power your next collaboration.

AI Powered Matchmaker

We use data patterns to unlock valuable creators for you.

Using elaborate data profiles, with over 12 million data points, we bring an advanced matchmaker between talent and client. Using just an Instagram handle — we deliver talent in over 34 countries from all categories and follower sizes, that match your brand profile using data, not just a pretty face.

Artificial intelligence enables us to present clients with only the right talent, using more than a pretty face. Our wealth of data and information presents unparalleled abilities for a true match between influencer and client.

Influencer identification

Search 500,000 verified influencers

Search and browse through more profiles that you can count in a lifetime, and use our filters to bring out the best influencers for your campaign. Gender, content, hashtags, names, age, location are just a few of the filters that you can use to find your ideal match.

Guaranteed results. Here's how:

360 campaigns

From content creation to offline attribution.

Think of The Cirqle as your very own online 360 influencer marketing and creative department, with free and unlimited briefing and training resources, access to top creators, global influencer infrastructure, and around-the-clock support. And as a bonus, connect your content to our commerce solution to track sales and double-down on the content that works.

Damien Poelhekke

"The only (influencer) marketing platform that can truly run global campaigns and has all the right experience and technology to do so.”

Managing Director,

Content Creation


Deploy the right creative talent with the flick of a switch.

Social sharing


Amplify content that performs well into your target audience.

Integrations with over 500+ shipment carriers.

With integrations up to 500 global shipment provider means more efficient campaigning. The most time-consuming part of running a campaign — causing delays of 6 days on average — is shipping product to influencers. For smooth performance, we’ve integrated with all of them to make sure we don’t run into unnecessary delays. 


Brand Safety

Want a tight grip on influencer and content approvals? No problem. We provide the data to help you decide which talent is best, including follower and engagement authenticity analysis, and the flexibility to request edits to talent’s work. Nothing moves forward without your go ahead. And, if you need us to go a step further, we’re happy to run legal background checks on talent to confirm there are no hidden truths we should know about before a formal partnership is established.

Follower Authenticity

Influencers have bots, even if by no wrong doing of their own. That is a fact. To help you make informed decisions, we provide follower and engagement authenticity percentages -- an estimate on what percentage of the influencer’s audience and that audience’s engagement is likely true people vs. bots.

Background checks

We understand that sometimes you can’t just take the influencer’s word for it. To help you identify talent you can truly throw your support behind, we’ve integrated with a partner that programmatically verifies talents’ backgrounds within 24-48 hours.

Content approval

We enable our clients to preview, edit, approve, and reject influencer partners and content before influencers are contracted and content is published live. This feature gives control and grip on what content goes out, when and where.

Real-time analytics

Track Campaign Performance and Optimize along the way.

Our full funnel platform enables clients to track their campaigns each step of the way. From the creation of content to sharing and amplifying on social media. Our hallmark feature however, is our one of a kind ability to trace content back to sales and revenue.



Verified creators on the platform

Well over

500 mln

Total Impressions Delivered

Delivered over


Pieces of content



Cost per 1000 impressions

Smart Contracts & Automated Payments

We know the legalities and limitations of dealing with contracts and payments can be extremely challenging, so we've partnered with industry experts and payment provider Stripe to bring you secure, safe and reliable solutions. In challenging times, we're here to keep you safe and healthy.

Smart Contracting

Contracting influencers should be a transparent and clear process that lays out the rules for both sides in a comprehensive contract from the get-go. We digitally share contract parameters with influencers before they can apply for the campaign ensuring that the talent you’re reviewing is fully aware of the requirements expected of them, contractually.

Global Payments

We have integrated top notch global payment providers including Stripe and Paypal to help run payouts once work has been completed successfully. Payments will not be released until there's official signoff and happen near to instant once work has been completed; exclusively releasing payouts to accounts that have verified accounts with anti-fraud detection.

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