Creator Resource

Content Approval “How to” guide

Nowadays, more and more brands request to review creators’ content, captions, tags, and mentions before posting; in order to ensure that everything is in line with the brief and the brand’s goals. Thanks to our Content Approval feature it is possible to get direct feedback from the brand and/or your campaign manager on your uploaded content. This process saves time and groups all the necessary information in one place.

Creators as City Marketers

To help promote the Garment District, we task curious and adventurous New Yorkers who were keen to explore their city and find out what the Garment District had to offer, all the while doing the things they love. Wandering through top-notch restaurants, public art exhibitions and amazing rooftop lounges, and then sharing all of their discoveries and favorite spots online, reaching millions of Americans.

Understanding Campaign Briefs

When working with The Cirqle, the campaign brief is probably most important piece of a campaign. It summarizes all the characteristics of a creator a brand is seeking and houses all of the necessary information that you as a creator need to know before applying to a campaign. After a campaign begins, you can refer back to the Brief at any time to ensure you are following the brand's guidelines.

New Creator Dashboard Feature: Creator Timeline

We are happy to announce our latest creator' dashboard feature that will make your workflow easier! With the new Creator Timeline, you can now easily see the status of a campaign you applied for and/or you are participating in. Additionally, you can now view any remaining or incomplete campaign tasks. You can also find content approval here, and a new section to review/upload your campaign agreement all in one centralized place, to help you stay organized.