New Creator Dashboard Feature: Creator Timeline

We are happy to announce our latest creator' dashboard feature that will make your workflow easier! With the new Creator Timeline, you can now easily see the status of a campaign you applied for and/or you are participating in. Additionally, you can now view any remaining or incomplete campaign tasks. You can also find content approval here, and a new section to review/upload your campaign agreement all in one centralized place, to help you stay organized.

Creator Timeline Main.png

Where can you find the Creator Timeline?

  1. Log in to your Creator Dashboard;

  2. Select “My campaigns”;

  3. Click on a campaign you have applied to or are participating in;

  4. View your campaign status and/or what you have to do next!

In the Creator Timeline, there are a few different types of symbols to help you along the way. Here’s a handy guide to help get you started:

Artboard Copy.png

The Green Checkmark indicates that a task has been completed.


The Red “X” indicates that something is wrong or that information is missing. There will be additional help text to help you identify the issue.

Artboard Copy 3.png
Artboard Copy 2.png

The Orange Clock means that a task is under review and/or in progress.


The three grey dots are shown when a task has not yet begun, or when that step is dependent on an action before this. There will be additional help text to help you if this appears.

If you have any further questions, you can reach us via the orange bubble in the bottom right or send an email to