Understanding Campaign Briefs

When working with The Cirqle, the campaign brief is probably most important piece of a campaign. It summarizes all the characteristics of a creator a brand is seeking and houses all of the necessary information that you as a creator need to know before applying to a campaign. After a campaign begins, you can refer back to the Brief at any time to ensure you are following the brand's guidelines.

Sections in our campaign briefs:

Each brief is divided into different sections: Campaign Details, Style Guide, the Goal of the Campaign, Post Overview, what you can expect from The Cirqle and Terms and Conditions of the campaign.

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Campaign Details

The Campaign Details section is the most important of the brief because it allows you to understand if you are a good fit with the brand and the campaign. And most important, if you are interested in becoming part of the campaign.

Cover page

On the Cover page, it will be stated if you are eligible or not for the campaign. If you are eligible, at the bottom of the page you will see the payments information, the posting dates and the application deadline. Whereas, if you are not eligible then you will see the following sentence in read: “Unfortunately, you are not eligible for this campaign. For more details, please refer to the creator requirements in the section below.”

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The below are the subsections of the campaign details:

  • A topline description of the campaign;

  • A more detailed description of the campaign;

  • “The ideal creator”, this gives you an idea about which creators the brand is looking for.

  • The “Creator requirements” are all the requirements that you as a creator must have in order to be eligible for the campaign. How can you know if you have all the needed requirements? If next to the requirements there is a green check mark, this implies that you fulfill all the requirements. If you see a red “X”, it means that you are not eligible for the campaign and therefore you are not able to apply.

  • The “preferred audience of the creator” is not a requirement but a preference.  This information (gender, location, age, and income) is good to know when applying in order to know what exactly the brand is looking for and to have more chances to be selected for the campaign.  Not sure what your audience is? You can view this on your profile at any time!

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Campaign Goal

The “Goal for the Campaign” is important for you as a creator to know, because it should help you create the best possible content to achieve it.

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What you can expect from us

In the “What you can expect from us” (Our commitment to you) section, you find listed the incentives you will receive by participating in the campaign. These incentives could include cash, product and other. It always includes the FAQ and 24/7 support (creators@thecirqle.com).

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Campaign Rules

In the “Campaign Rules” section, you are able to find additional rules of the campaign. You have to be aware that in order to participate and to complete the campaign you need to comply with all of them. These rules are highlighted in the brief but they are also stated in the agreement you will have to sign in order to confirm your participation (once selected for the campaign). You are able to download them and for more detailed information on the agreement, please check our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. It is important to read them carefully and agreeing with all of them before applying to the campaign.

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Look & Feel

In the Look & Feel section you will be provided with 4 images that may inspire you towards the creation of the content for the campaign.

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Post Overview

In the “Post overview” section, you will be provided with topline details about the content you are required to create for completing the campaign. This part entails the channel (i.e. Instagram, Facebook etc.), posting time, the post description, hashtags, and mentions. By Clicking View Details, you can have a more detailed description of the content. (you are required to deliver in order to complete the campaign).

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Payment Information

In the “Payment information” section, there will be mentioned your incentive for participating in the campaign.

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In the Apply section, in order to be able to apply to the campaign you need first to confirm, by checking all the boxes, that you read and understood the brief and the campaign agreement.


Ready to start applying to campaigns?