Better safe than sorry: Tips from The Cirqle on how to protect your account from hackers and save your business


In the last few weeks, a number of The Cirqle’s Influencer’s Instagram accounts have been hacked. To help you be more prepared against hacks, we wanted to provide some tips on keeping your account safe.

How does the Instagram hacking work?

Once your profile has been hacked, the hacker will sometimes immediately change all your credentials (username, password, email, and phone number) denying you the standard recovery process for your account.

In order to help prevent this situation from happening to you, we summed up 8 tips from Instagram to increase your security and protect your account.

1. Use a good and strong Password

The Password must be 8-16 characters long and include a combination of letters, numbers and punctuation marks. Don’t use your name or birthdate and avoid using any of the 25 most commonly used passwords.

2. Try to change your Instagram password on a regular basis

3. Use a different password for all your online accounts

Never use the same password for all your accounts and devices! If someone hacks your password he/she will be able to access all your personal data. Too many passwords to remember? Check these two password managers 1Password or LastPass, they could help you out!

4. Don’t share your password with anyone

5. Use the Two-factor authentication

This is a more recent security procedure implemented by Instagram. How does it work? Every time an unknown device tries to access to your profile, you’ll receive a security code via SMS or Email. You can activate this service from your profile settings.

6. Your Email account must be secure

Try to change your email account password regularly or/and use a separate email account for your Instagram profile.

7. Always log out when using other devices

Every time you access your Instagram profile from a third parties phone or a computer remember always to LOG OUT and don’t click on the remember me button.

8. Think carefully before you allow third-party apps to use your Instagram information

Wondering where to find connected third-party apps? Go to your profile settings and click on authorized apps.

If you think or you have been hacked, check out Instagram’s official help section (below) in order to recover your account:

If you have any further questions, you can reach us via the orange bubble in the bottom right or send an email to: