Content Approval “How to” guide

Nowadays, more and more brands request to review creators’ content, captions, tags, and mentions before posting; in order to ensure that everything is in line with the brief and the brand’s goals. Thanks to our Content Approval feature it is possible to get direct feedback from the brand and/or your campaign manager on your uploaded content. This process saves time and groups all the necessary information in one place.

How do I know if content approval is apart of a campaign?

You can find this information in the brief of the campaign you are applying for. When selected for a campaign that entails content approval you will need to upload your content according to the deadlines mentioned in the brief and/or agreed with your campaign manager.


Where can I upload my content?

  1. Navigate to your dashboard

  2. Click on “My Campaigns”

  3. Choose a campaign you have been selected for

  4. Go to “Submit content

Screen Shot 2019-02-28 at 14.11.03.png

From here, you can see an overview of all different tasks you will need a brand to approve, before posting.

The Cirqle Influencer Content Approval Feature (1).png

This page enables you to: have an overview of all remaining posts that need to be submitted, the content currently being reviewed by the brand, the content that needs to be revised or adjusted, as well as the content that has been approved by the brand.

Using Content Approval

After you click on a task, you will need to go through 5 steps:

1. How it works: this section quickly explains how the content approval process works

2. Upload content: In this section, you can upload as many pieces of content as you’d like for the brand to review. Keep in mind that, when creating a caption in Step 3, it will be the same across all the uploaded content.
Regarding videos, please note that only MP4 format videos are allowed to be uploaded. If your video is shot in a different format, you can convert it first through a free online service such as zamzar or handbrake.

3. Add Post Caption: Here, you can enter the caption, tags (mentions and hashtags), post format (ie: single in-feed post or carousel post) and your planned posting date(s). Please make sure to choose the dates within the time frame mentioned in the brief and/or in “posting dates” (you can find this on the right side of this section).
Additionally, when selecting your posting times, the time zone will automatically be set to your current location.

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4. Review post: Here you are able to review your content before submitting it for approval.
(Please note that once you have submitted the content you are not able to delete it.)

5. Submit for Approval: When you have reached this step, your content has been submitted.

Once you have submitted your content, you will be notified about any changes in its status. At this stage, your content can be approved or the brand can request some additional edits.

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If you have any further questions, you can reach us via the orange bubble in the bottom right or send an email to