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The Cirqle is a digital influencer marketing platform focused on unlocking the true value of innovative ideas. Our platform empowers thousands of creators - from bloggers and local creatives to celebrities- to monetize their passion by creating meaningful, high-quality content for some of the world’s biggest brands.

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Our elegant platform lays the groundwork for your success. We combine our tech with your creative and authentic profile to pair you with brands that speak your language.

Data, creativity, personality match and accountability are at the core of brand-influencer pairing.

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Be discovered by brands and agencies

Create your free The Cirqle account and be discovered by hundred of global brands worldwide. Creating your profile is the first step to being alerted about and selected for campaigns. It brings you one step closer to get sponsored work.

Get demographic data

We provide not just age and gender breakdown but also a deep analysis of which countries and cities you audience comes from, which brands they have an affinity towards, their interests and more.

Access cross channel insights

Your The Cirqle profile compiles exclusive insights from all your connected social channels. This offers an easy overview of your performance and demographics across the channels.

Sponsored work in spotlight

All your sponsored brand work will be featured in your profile, giving easy access to potential brands to see your previous influencer work.

Get verified

You’ve worked hard to grow your following. Use the audience authenticity data we provide on your followers and likers to keep it that way. Use the data to know when it’s time to weed out fake followers. Keep your account healthy to remain authentic in the brand’s eye.

Sign up for long-term partnerships

Open to long term partnerships? Great! Simply indicate that on your profile and when a long-term branded campaign comes up, we will sign you up.

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Tips for being chosen for brand partnerships

Have an instagram creator/business account

Creator or Business Instagram accounts can benefit from Facebook’s Business tools. Think in-depth profile insights and accessing insights from stories and posts from months ago.

Focus on engagement rate

Follower count means nothing if you can’t keep your audience engaged. Use the insights from your The Cirqle profile to create an engagement strategy that works.

Read the brief requirements

It’s easy to apply to campaigns. But your chance of selection depends upon certain requirements stated on each campaign brief. Pay attention to these. Do you have the ideal number of followers? Is your audience in the correct region. If you don’t meet these basic requirements, then you won’t be a good fit.

Focus on authenticity

If your audience authenticity rate is lower than 70%, the chance of brands selecting you goes down. Spend time each month to clean your profile and remove any bots. Brands want to work with influencers who reach real people.

Focus on content

Every creator has a unique personality and niche. Apply for campaigns when you know your audience will definitely respond to the brand’s product or service. If your content is not brand safe or if you focus on a different niche, then there won’t be a fit between you and the brand.

Establish your niche and authority

Use tags to establish your top 3 content categories. This way, brands will easily discover you as an influencer who has authority in the field and whose audience has a definite interest in such products or services.

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Join The Cirqle to apply for the latest campaigns from the world’s leading brands!

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