1. Creator selection

Creators apply to you

After creating your campaign, creators apply and provide their bid. We give you all the data and tools you need to select the perfect creators to produce your content.

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2. Content creation

Everything legal. Handled in platform.

After selecting your creators, we generate and send them legally binding contracts ensuring they deliver and post their content on time, and that you retain all relevant right.

Any problems? We handle it for you.

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3. social posts

Per-post performance

After publishing content for you, we connect the creators post using exclusive API access from Meta & TikTok to deliver per-post and per campaign reporting, split between organic & paid data.

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4. Campaign performance

Organic versus Paid

Run your organic creator campaigns natively in our platform, boost the most successful posts and compare the results in real time.

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meta business integration


Connect your Meta business account and we import every creator who has worked with you, and allow you to you to create lookalike and custom audiences in a scalable and automated way.

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Access to 1 million+ creators

Access verified creators in our network and beyond to run your campaigns effectively.
Import creators you've worked with previous and invite them to work with you on further campaigns.

Access to 1 million+ creators

Access verified creators in our network and beyond to run your campaigns effectively. Import creators you've worked with previously, and invite them to your future campaigns natively in our platform.

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Loved by Industry Leaders

"At LOOKFANTASTIC, we see the creator space as a huge opportunity within our paid marketing campaigns and are delighted to have driven such strong results through our work with The Cirqle."

Jason Hope
Global Head of Paid Social – Beauty
Cal Salvaggio
Global Head of Paid Media – Beauty

“Creator led marketing strategies are key for advertisers that want to avoid fatigue and drive performance from their campaigns. Platform’s like The Cirqle’s are important tools for advertisers to succeed on TikTok.”

Marc Judlin
Monetization Partnerships

“I was absolutely mesmerised by the amount of sales The Cirqle’s software platform drove and their ability to rapidly scale the influencer channel.”

Alex Adamson
SVP of Digital Marketing

"Remarkable returns and pioneering technology to help execute fast-paced influencer campaigns in Brazil, India and the United States."

Kelly O'Donnell
Brand Manager

"The Cirqle has been critical to adding a new dimension to our conversation with out DIY customers. Following a successful pilot, we have renewed for another six months, and continue discussions on what other services we can utilize."

Shahzad Ahmed
Head of Online Marketing (Global)

"The only (influencer) marketing platform that can truly run global campaigns and has all the right experience and technology to do so."

Meaghan Morelli
Director of Social & Digital Content

Put Creator Performance on Auto-Pilot

The Cirqle enables advertisers to scale creator performance on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok to drive performance, save time and money.

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