How the city of Eindhoven uses U.G.C. Marketing to entice you to visit.

The City of Eindhoven knows the power of social creators, and recently tapped the talents of social creators to show off what makes the city shine over a campaign that included over 196+ (social) posts and involved 17 creators from all across the globe. 

You might think Eindhoven sells itself as a destination, but a lot of work goes into its promotion. In an effort to appeal to Millennials, the city of Eindhoven in collaboration with Zandbeek Agency who used The Cirqle's platform, partnering with E.U. creators such as Andy Suryandi and Carl Cunard to generate beautiful content through their social channels.

It definitely worked.

By teaming up with THE Cirqle, The city of eindhoven was able to PRODUCE:

  • 196+ content pieces on the campaign;

  • 17 creators/publishers across six countries;

  • Over 150K engagement points created;

  • 4MLN impressions;

  • Over 150K unique pageviews to the blogs promoting the campaign;

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*This campaign was sourced through Zandbeek Agency and we thank them for involving The Cirqle in helping run their content creating marketing efforts.


resulting content

CITY OF EINDHOVEN: What should a brand consider before working with an creators?

ZANDBEEK & THE CIRQLE: we felt it is important to ensure that the creators Eindhoven is working with are producing content that feels authentic. That word “authentic” gets thrown around a lot by marketers, but if you create a positive experience that allows them to create content around things they are passionate about, the end product will be meaningful and impactful to the consumer.

Also, we think it is key that brands don’t focus primarily on a creator’s reach, but take equal consideration in the perspective that the individual has. With content in Eindhoven, specifically, you will see hundreds of the city's features, but when we bring in the right creators, they can really bring out magic in the content that they are creating.

THE CITY OF EINDHOVEN: How can U.G.C. marketing really connect with Millennials/younger consumers?

ZANDBEEK & THE CIRQLE: Our data indicates millennials are spending more time with Instagram and Twitter—the platforms we have prioritized when building our own platform – and we also know that millennials are following individuals and brands that inspire them, or that create an emotional connection for them on those channels. Creator marketing allows us to reach millennials in a way that does not feel like it is a forced brand advertisement.


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