Our Features

The Cirqle platform was built from the ground up for performance marketers to provide all the tools to create, scale, test, and optimize influencer ads across Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.

Technology to drive scalable performance with influencers.

Track, scale and optimize influencer ads and creators across social platforms in one place without sacrificing your brand’s ad account

To achieve high ROI you need the right creators and content. The Cirqle software provides best in class creator management tools from discovery to content approval and payments. Give us a chance and we’ll walk you through the platform pointing out the important features related to your goals

our promise

The Cirqle is top rated by clients and packed with amazing features.

We provide performance marketers with powerful tools to drive scalable sales through influencer channels and ads.


Easily keep track of your influencers

Determine what creators and creative assets generate the most sales and revenue for your business.


See how conversions are evolving

Allocate budget behind your best converting creators with the click of a button.

why choose the cirqle?

Scalable influencer technology made simple and performant

A network of content creators

Access a network of verified creators that are ready to produce creative assets for you while growing your follower base.

Analyze performance

Leverage our software to quickly analyze what influencer is performing, and who is not and across what social channel.

Boost creative assets & channels

Rapidly optimize, test and scale influencers creative assets across channels and determine which drive conversions.

Global creator community

A global community of vetted creators at the ready

Email notifications

We keep you up to date of everything related to your campaign

Online support

Chat with experts 24/7 and leverage our educational material


It has never been easier

As a verified Facebook Marketing Partner, we know what's required to drive performance when partnering with influencers.

End to end management

Everything you need in one platform

All the building blocks to increase ROAS on the influencer-channel.

Creator Discovery

Best in class tools quickly enable you to manage strong partnerships


Our unique contracting and campaign workflow ensure things run smoothly.


Auto-push high performing influencer creative to your ad accounts for boosting

Influencer ads that drive sales, signups and revenue.

The Cirqle platform provides Performance Marketers with powerful tools to drive scalable performance

"I have to say I was absolutely mesmerized by the amount of sales The Cirqle's software platform drove and their ability to rapidly scale the influencer channel."

Damien Poelhekke - CEO at Routinely (former Zalando and Made.com)

Don’t settle for top funnel reporting

Track, scale and optimize influencer ads across social platforms in one place without sacrificing your brand’s ad account


Amount of revenue (in $) driven for our clients through influencer ads


Strong capabilities and features

The world's most disruptive D2C e-commerce brands leverage The Cirqle's software to power their influencer campaigns.

Performance & ROI

Scale influencer creative ads across social platforms in one place.

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Solidly built

Our software is built in-house entirely and delivers a state of the art experience.

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Strong network

Influencers are API vetted through The Cirqle's technology.

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Live stats

Our data is pulled from the API's of the major social networks in real-time.

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A highly scalable approach to  influencers performance marketing.

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User management

Manage your team on board of The Cirqle's platform with a few clicks of a button.

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Best in class creator management software

To achieve high ROI you need the right creators and content. Our software provides best in class creator management tools from discovery to content approval and payments.


Access to customer success, educational material and tools to drive performance.


Social networks plugged in to The Cirqle: Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and YouTube.

Frequently asked questions

Got questions? We've got the answers

What can The Cirqle do for my company?

We enable e-commerce brands to partner with influencers and drive performance through a proprietary software platform that has been developed in house. The Cirqle was built from the ground up with performance marketing in mind. Engagement is nice but only if it leads to revenue. With our platform you get sophisticated tracking and reporting focused on ROI with the ability to connect directly to your ad accounts for boosting.

What do I get for my money?

A unique suite of tools, technologies and software to help you scale your influencer programs across Facebook, Instagram and TikTok with the purpose of driving performance.

What are Influencer Ads?

Next to creators success producing beautiful organic campaigns, influencers are also known to drive purchases through paid influencer ads and are an extremely powerful way to bring success to your brand.So, what is an influencer ad exactly? An influencer ad is user-generated creative turned into a "Paid Partnership with..." post boosted through an influencer’s handle rather than a brand’s handle. Influencer ads can help promote your product or brand and when done successfully, can drive sizable results that are infinitely scalable. Simply put, influencer ads combine the best of creator marketing and paid social.

Which integrations are possible?

We natively integrate with Facebook, Instagram and TikTok. We also provide access to The Cirqle's Event Tracker which is a single line of code that enables us to optimize influencer programs for performance. If you require any other integrations, please feel free to reach out to us with your request.

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