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Fossil: $5 in-store revenue for every $1 influencer spend.

Fossil has launched a beautiful range of smart watches. The brand has an omni-channel marketing strategy for their new product line. Like most brands, they find it a challenge to measure the exact ROI from their digital marketing campaigns to their retail stores. Fossil turned to The Cirqle to help them solve this challenge through mobile attribution.

The Cirqle developed a custom Fossil mobile wallet card. The audience was targeted by paid social ads, which encouraged the target customer to download the Fossil Card to their mobile wallet. Now with the card on the phone, Fossil was able to retarget their audience with incentives and push-notification which were set to specific geo-locations of their retail stores.

By tracking the redemption of the incentives of the Mobile wallet cards within the retails stores, Fossil was able to accurately measure ROI from their marketing spend to their retail turnover. Download the case study through the form to read about the success of this campaign.

Download this case study to learn how to drive 400% ROI from digital promotion to retail:

  • Boost in-store sales by 400%;

  • Measure ROI in retail and e-com;

  • Anchor a customer base;

  • Retarget customers directly to their mobile home-screen, over time;

With Cirqle as a partner, Fossil was able to accurately measure ROI on their digital spend to Retail turnover. Read the full case study to learn how your brand can too.


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