LG electronics

How an influencer program helped LG Electronics reach 30 million views across sport and tech enthusiasts.

Aiming to establish LG Electronics as the ultimate electronics destination for sports enthusiasts, tech geeks and football lovers, the brand selected 36 influencers that aligned with their brand and objectives. From Ronaldinho to Martin Lawrence to MattHD Gamer, we drove tens of thousands of clicks to LG’s flagship products destination site and managed to collectively hit over 30 million views across Youtube, Instagram and Facebook.

Leveraging The Cirqle's platform, LG was able to launch its influencer marketing campaign across markets and with verified data from one central hub and platform. We provided data around verified followers, markets, gender and brand affinity of the influencers. Isolating the sweet spot of our influencers and driving a program that built on more than awareness.

Download this case study to learn how you can hit 30 million views through an influencer campaign:

  • Turn influencer sites into your no. 1 social referral source;

  • Work with celebrity talent across key markets;

  • Increase traffic to flagship product destination site;

  • Build a strong network of passionate fans and advocates;

  • Hit 30 million views across channels;

  • Continuous posts across multiple influencer sites.

With Cirqle as a partner, LG Electronics was able to monetize images on social and on their website. Read the full case study to learn how your brand can too.


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