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LG - Twin Wash product launch through Singapore’s top parenting influencers

The Twin Wash is the first washing machine that allows you to run two separate loads at the same time. Absolutely ideal for busy parents! For this reason LG turned to the Cirqle to collaborate with a large pool of 28 parenting influencers within Singapore to launch the LG Twin Wash onto the market.

The campaign included a wide mix of content including a launching event, written blog post, content shot at home, and even a promotional dancing contest. The content was designed to be fun and engaging for both the influencers and the followers, which resulted in a 3x over delivery on the expected live video content.

The LG Twin Wash campaign is a great example of a success story where influencers from a specific niche are able to drive (and over deliver) on brand awareness when they are genuinely engaged and excited about the content and product.

Download this case study to learn how to execute a product launch across a market through engaging influencers in a specific niche:

  • Turn publisher sites into your no. 1 social referral source;

  • Work with talents within Singapore;

  • Realise product awareness;

  • Educate your target audience through influencers;

  • Build a strong network of passionate fans and advocates;

  • Create high engaging localised content;

With Cirqle as a partner, LG was able to monetize images on social and on their website. Read the full case study to learn how your brand can too.


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