“Working with The Cirqle gives us the tools to find the right influencers to advocate for our brand. The platform enables us to track actual real-time results, which means we’re not guessing anymore. Since content lives beyond the campaign duration we continue to see engagement and value grow over time.” 
— Damien Poelhekke, Country Manager

Raise brand awareness for A startup disrupting the designer furniture industry.

If you are considering buying any furniture soon, we would recommend a visit to That’s why, when the disrupting brand opened a new store in Amsterdam and London, they sought after influencers who would help promote the off- and online store in a unique and compelling way.

Proposing a new type of social campaign, decided to offer a platform-specific reward to influencers in a collaboration with the Hoxton Hotels. By offering influencers a getaway in their city of choice (Amsterdam/London) and a piece of furniture to shop, over 280+ influencers applied for their campaign.


  • Approx. 1 million impressions delivered;
  • CPM of GBP 9.40;
  • Over 8.000 engagement points (Likes, comments, retweets, shares) were delivered across 3 different social channels;
  • 8 influencers were involved in the campaign

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