Read up on how the high-end cosmetics brand Marie Stella Maris builds awareness in Europe with direct-to-consumer marketing strategies deployed through Cirqle.

Marie-Stella-Maris is an Amsterdam-based lifestyle brand that believes everyone should have access to a source of clean drinking water. By offering natural care products and natural mineral water, the brand is dedicated to contribute. For each product consumers purchase, Marie-Stella-Maris donates a fixed amount towards clean drinking water projects worldwide. 

Drawing inspiration from the brand’s storied past while infusing it with a modern edge, Marie Stella Maris offers collections of luxurious cosmetics products for the modern woman while striving to deliver clean drinking water to those in need. Marie Stella Maris is for the most interesting woman in the room and the brand was looking to work with creators who are a good fit with their aesthetic of minimalist high-quality features.


  • Over 1 million impressions delivered;

  • Over 22.000 engagement points received

  • Over 100 content pieces were delivered

  • 13 creators/publishers were involved in the campaign

  • Over 7 countries were activated through the campaign

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