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"It was great! The Cirqle team has been very easy to work with and very quick at replying to any concerns that we've come across. Working with McDonald's was an honor."

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“This is the first time that I've been involved as a professional photographer in a Social Media Campaign and I think it's brilliant! I've been saying for years that brands should start doing this. They get professional images plus social media marketing! It's a win-win situation for them. I'm honestly surprised I haven't seen more brands doing this.”

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Jerry Maestas proves that high quality photography adds value for a brand:


Tell us about how you became a professional photographer?

I remember discovering how much I loved photography about 7 years ago and it's got me to where I am today. It's definitely not something that happens overnight and it takes a lot of hard work to go pro. You'll learn so much just from picking up your camera and taking pictures as much as possible. I feel like there's such a big pressure on artists to find their style right away but learning the basics and trying new things is what led me to the style I have now.

What item(s) do you always have in your camera bag, that you can't live without?

I don't think I could live without my 40mm f2.8 lens. I feel like it helped me shape my photography style and when I started shooting with it, I instantly fell in love.

What are some photography tips for others?

1. Find your light.
Before you even take a photo, find your light and then take a few test shots and see how the light is hitting your subject. I usually ask myself, is the lighting flattering on my subject? Is it adding to the mood of the photo?

2. Take your time.
Take a deep breath, think about what you're trying to capture, & take your time so that you can photograph exactly what you need.

3. Don't be scared to ask for help.
There's nothing wrong with a little help. For me personally, I like having help with lighting because when you're in the middle of a shoot there's a lot to think about.

“I do like working this way with a brand. It helps keep everything organized and it makes sure you’re completing everything on time and correctly.”

What challenges could you encounter during a shoot?

There's a ton of challenges that a photographer can encounter during a shoot. Your battery could die, your model might be late, your camera could malfunction, your SD card might stop working, the lighting could be bad, I could go on and on! You just always have to prepare for the worst.

Why do you enjoy working with companies and how do you choose certain collaborations, any criteria?

I like working with companies because I like the challenge of capturing their products or pieces of clothing through my eyes. I feel like the criteria for deciding to work with a brand is different with every brand. A few questions that I usually ask myself before working with a company are: Do I like the vibe of the brand? Do I think we are a good fit for working with each other? Are they asking for a fair amount of work for the rate they're providing?

What social trends are you seeing unfold for 2019?

I definitely see more brands working with more social media influencers since they're seeing such a huge return from social media marketing. I also see brands taking social media more seriously! It's honestly so great to hear people say that Instagram is being viewed like an online business card.

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