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"It’s great all campaigns are visible, the briefings are clear and you can apply for them yourself. I like the fact that I can always ask for help and that the campaign managers are very helpful!"

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“I absolutely loved working with your brands. I’ve done three campaigns so far and I had so much fun every time preparing the content. I’m such a fan of these types of products, so I was very flattered to be working with them.”

@mialoren_and_me | American | 105K Followers | 2.5% Engagement |
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Jola Hogg reveals her tips for shooting perfect content with kids:

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Why do you enjoy working with companies and how do you choose your collaborations, any criteria?

I love new challenges and I enjoy promoting products I believe in. I always stay true to what products/brands I like. It’s great to show my followers products that I actually believe in.

What is your tip for making cute pictures with your kids?

I’m not going to lie it gets more difficult as they get older. I usually set up a timer on my camera ( I use an app called a photo timer + ) and then I try to gather them together. This can be difficult sometimes! But then we still have little candies that help too :)

Tell us about your biggest personal achievement as a blogger/creator.

For me, my biggest achievement as a fulltime influencer is that I’m able to support my family financially while looking after my kids and spending so much time with them. Doing things I love and spending a lot of time together with my family! I’m so greatfull for that.

Always follow your heart and be yourself, be unique. Never compare yourself to others.
— Jola Hogg

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