With Instagram’s algorithm it is important for clients to develop strategies to amplify influencer content. Amplification is really the only foolproof way to make sure your influencer content is seen by more people and it helps to expand reach and increase visibility.

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"I had so much fun that day. Even though I may not be playing on the field with Manchester City, I can now say I’ve “shot” for them. If you get what I mean!"

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“Participating in campaigns with The Cirqle is easy, very easy, just a couple of simple clicks. Few swipes and I was good, and that’s what we are looking for in this business. ‘Complicated’ is so pre-social media.”

@seancavaliere | American | 325K Followers | 7.5% Engagement |
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Sean Cavaliere shares his secrets on becoming a social media star:


How did you being popular (as a singer, actor and YouTube star) helped you out to become a successful social influencer?

Well I think that with these opportunities, comes a platform. When you’re featured on that platform that audience then transfers over which adds value to your branding.

Could you tell us a bit more on the projects you did in the past?

I was in a pop boy band for 2 years, that was managed by Randy Jackson and Nominated by the Teen Choice awards. I was then featured on “The Four” on Fox as a solo artist which felt amazing to perform in front of millions on National TV. Lastly, what started my career was modeling and acting in Miami, Florida. Specifically for acting, I was hired to run two commercials. One for “Nerf” and the other for “Sylvan Learning Center.”

What upcoming projects are you most excited about?

The finishing of my music which will be released later this year. I’m very excited and passionate about this because it’s been a long time in the making.

“The most unique feature of The Cirqle, in my opinion, is that brands are lined up like an Instagram feed. GENIUS!”
— Sean Cavaliere

Why do you enjoy working with companies and how do you choose certain collaborations, any criteria?

I love cross promoting, I think it’s smart and effective for both businesses! What usually sticks out to me is something fun that I like to either use or do!

Any advice for up and coming bloggers/creators?

Stick true to who you are! and MOST importantly....remember people, your day job should be something you’re extremely passionate about and something you can enjoy. Once you have that down this world is your playground!

What social trends are you seeing unfold for 2019?

I’ve noticed people are more intentional as of late by posting content that will help empower and encourage others. In the past, I felt like I came across a lot more content that made it easy for users to  compare their lives in an un-healthy way. I’m happy to not only see this shift, but to be part of the change as well!


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