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"I love Belstaff jackets. I was wearing them before working together with Belstaff through The Cirqle, for a very long time. I was very excited to work with them and receive this opportunity."

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The Cadillac x Andy Warhol campaign was exciting since I'm not the usual fashion blogger who runs across the street to take a picture. We try to always combine a brand with art, location, something beautiful and creative.”

@sohi.malih | German | 1.2M Followers | 2.5% Engagement |
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Sohi Malih shares how he has become one of the world’s top creators:


Why do you enjoy working with companies and how do you choose certain collaborations, any criteria?

What is very important to us, whether it’s a lifestyle brand or fashion brand, is that we always want to create our own content. We always add our ideas into collaborations with certain brands, we think it’s important to be creative during the creation of a campaign.

Tell us about your biggest personal achievement as a bloggers/creators.

I think all types of content creation are an achievement. Personally, I did a TV commercial with L’Oreal Menexpert which is still aired internationally which I’m very proud of.

You shoot amazing content. What's your secret?

I always work with a professional photographer. I’m grateful its my brother. It is a lot easier to work with family over a stranger. It’s much easier to openly create content with my brother than with any other person!

“Communicating with The Cirqle’s campaign managers is pretty awesome! The support I get is great!”
— Sohi Malih

Any advice for up and coming bloggers/creators?

Yes, a lot of creators post random stuff. Content that doesn’t match their feed or they do collaborations that are not a natural fit. I always say: find your niche and keep up with the quality. It is not about quantity, at the end quality will always win.

What social trends are you seeing unfold for 2019?

IGTV is going to be a major feature which a lot more people are going to use.

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