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“The most rewarding feeling is seeing the growth, realizations and confidence the women leave the retreats with. It is so crazy to see how much of a transformation the women go through, in just one week while being on retreat. It is so special to be part of all the women's lives at such a crucial turning point for them.”

@tracy_komlos | American | 101K Followers | 4% Engagement |
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Tracy Komlos on becoming the industry leader in women’s education retreats:


How did Pangea Dreams start?

Pangea Dreams was founded from a place of passion and purpose. I began my journey to live the life of my dreams in 2010 on a volunteer trip to India. There I found a love for traveling solo, and all the special moments, experiences, and new perspectives that only come from exploring new places. I began to document my travels on Instagram a few years later. My entrepreneurial spirit gave me the freedom to grow my business, and see more priceless stamps in my passport, by creating content for brands in beautiful destinations. Soon, women from around the world wanted to know the secret to sustaining themselves and traveling the world. My purpose became clear, and Pangea Dreams became a reality. Today, I am the fearless leader of Pangea Dreams, empowering women to embrace their passions, learn the skills to create a sustainable business, and positively impact their community.

Can you explain a bit more about Pangea Dreams mission?

Pangea Dreams brings women together from across the globe to explore bucket-list destinations while developing new skills and collaborating with like-minded creatives. We offer educational and inspirational retreats hosted by industry experts to build a global community of female entrepreneurs who are turning their passion into purpose through collaboration, content, and commerce. Not only are you on the adventure of a lifetime, but our retreats also give you the opportunity to truly invest in yourself while making lifelong friendships. At Pangea Dreams, you build a support system and join a community that continues to support you well after the retreat has come to an end.

“Be proactive and a go-getter. Ask for what you want, don’t wait for opportunities or things to come to you, go out there and get them yourself.”

How did your Instagram adventure take off?

Organically, when I started no one really knew what Instagram was going to become today. I used it as a place to share some of my favorite travel photos so that when I was talking to friends and family about my travels I could easily access the photos. And then, from there my following started to grow!

Do you want to share any travel tips?

Lots of savings and preparation! Researching and planning ahead for a big trip is super important to understanding what kind of a budget you are working with! From 2010-2015 I did a lot of backpacking trips which allowed me to travel on a budget as I would typically stay in hostels and eat at local markets. I am so grateful for those years of 'roughing it' as it allowed me to really immerse myself in local cultures but I am also happy to say hostel days are behind me. Today, you can find me working and collaborating with many of the hotels I am staying at whether to create content for them or promote them through my Instagram channel in exchange for the accommodations!

Why do you enjoy working with companies and how do you choose certain collaborations, any criteria?

My favorite kinds of brands are those who are working hard to make a positive impact in this world either through profit sharing with charitable organizations or through environmental initiatives.

What social trends are you seeing unfold for 2019?

Brands are really shifting their marketing dollars towards more authentic, inclusive and diverse campaigns which is really exciting to see! The importance of social media marketing is only just getting started and brands are really starting to realize how crucial it is to have a social presence through influencer campaigns and sponsorship opportunities.


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