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“I've seen The Cirqle grow immensely and become incredibly diverse and international. I love seeing that it's become a worldwide powerhouse.”

@urbantraveller | Dutch | 93K Followers | 4.5% Engagement |
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Rachel Ecclestone blends art with photography to create unique content:


You started using social media when you were 14 years old. How do you maintain the relationship with your audience while you personally grow and change?

Thankfully I think my audience has grown with me and is very supportive - one thing I do aim for is to always answer DM's, stay true to my self in terms of content and not let it be shaped by 'what I used to do'.

You have a super unique image style. You blend art and photography in a beautiful way. Could you tell us a bit more about how you came up with this style and how this has evolved over the years?

Thanks so much - that's lovely to hear. I think I was greatly inspired by mixed media art, tumblr and deviantart growing up - which was all about mixing images with drawings. One day I just started doodling on my own images, I also saw that I used to draw on old analogue pictures my parents took of me and gave me - and thought - why not do this digitally? I guess it was always something I enjoyed. I'm now creating a drawings archive in illustrator for future work - so I can draw whenever I'm inspired and can then use those images for my mixed media photographs.

Why do you enjoy working with companies and how do you choose certain collaborations, any criteria?

If course it's fantastic to be recognized as doing something a brand wants to be associated with - and many brands (I hope), realize that I cannot be steered into a certain direction. I always aim to create a beautiful image for a brand - being inspired by the story (especially when it's a vegan item), approach to the design or motivation behind a movement or innovation. Of course - we have to realise that money is an important influence too - and if I can create something neat for a brand that will then allow me to continue being creative on other projects, I would be happy to do so. My biggest criteria is: CREATIVE FREEDOM. Make sure you understand who you are approaching, and will allow them to stay true to their aesthetic and audiences expectations.

The campaign briefings on The Cirqle look simple, clean, easy and AESTHETIC.
— Rachel Ecclestone

Tell us about your biggest personal achievement as a blogger/creator.

My biggest achievement must be to still have OG tumblr fans following me today - although some of them are pretty silent in their follow, I spot them in my likes and now and then get a comment from them. That's mental - spending 10 years following someone and watching them grow - without knowing them personally, that's impressive and inspires me to keep growing!

Any advice for up and coming bloggers?

Be consistent, only do it if you enjoy it. If you're feeling pressured having just started, it might be time to look at yourself and see if you're doing it for the right reasons. Try and be as 'YOU' as possible, if that means latte's and band tee's, go for it, just realize there are already a lot of people doing this, and you might not stand out. Try and embrace what makes you truly unique, step outside the box and try to come up with a *relatively* unique concept - as of course, nothing is original

What social trends are you seeing unfold for 2019?

I think one overarching trend is sustainability, and vegan garments - stepping away from leather/animal byproducts. In terms of looks, I'm hoping beige, earthy tones again, but noticing a lot of tropical prints, clueless vibes and semi-futuristic minimalism. I think you can basically see whatever you want if you look in the right places. For me - I'm just going to keep it real - practical, earthy, sporty and of course - as vegan as possible.


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