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"We want to be able to use our platform to create positive change - so it was so amazing to be a part of a this good cause campaign for AMREF. We know that we could spread awareness to end female genital mutilation. It was actually our first time participating in this kind of campaign but we would love to do more!"

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“A few years ago, we sold all our stuff and decided to travel for a year. We would take pictures for fun. Documenting all our memories and sharing them to Instagram. At first it was just a way to show our families what we were up to but then after growing a bit we realized we could turn it into something more. Every day we worked hard at building our business and now years later we are full time doing what we love.”

@xkflyaway | American | 176K Followers | 5% Engagement |
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Xavier and Katie show the world via creative content:

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When did you start traveling?

In January of 2017 we started our 1 year trip. We had saved all our money and we were actually thinking of buying a house, but instead we wanted to do something we could remember for the rest of our lives. So we quit our jobs, sold our stuff and started traveling!

If you look back to all countries you've visited, which one(s) would you highly recommend to visit?

Our favorites countries that we've visited so far are Greece and India. The food is outstanding and the scenery is just so magical in both of these places!

Any travel tips? (e.g how can you afford to travel for a whole year, how to prepare for a certain type of countries/travels)

We saved all our money for a few years and also sold all of our stuff before we left for our trip. At first, we were flying to different countries every few weeks but then realized it got too expensive so we decided to just slow travel. We would stay in a country for about a month traveling by bus or train to save money. A lot of our time was spent in Asia as it was so much more affordable to get around!

“The campaigns with The Cirqle are absolutely wonderful. The team at The Cirqle is always so quick to make sure everything goes smoothly during the entire campaign!”
— Xavier and Katie Ritzi

Tell us about your biggest personal achievement as a bloggers/creators.

One of our followers that recognized us while we were shooting in Asia told us she had planned her entire trip based on our recommendations and photos. It was such a wonderful feeling to realize that we could inspire people. Just knowing that we can make a positive impact on others in some way gives us so much more motivation and joy in what we do!

Why do you enjoy working with companies and how do you choose certain collaborations, any criteria?

We love having the chance to share with our audience some great products or brands we love! We are usually very selective when it comes to which brands to work with. We always want to make sure that their values align with ours and that we truly believe in their products.

What social trends are you seeing unfold for 2019?

I think there will be more demand for creativity and outside the box thinking in terms of content creation. The industry is already so saturated with content that looks the same and brands are starting to realize that - so I'm sure we will see a lot more attention grabbing content coming soon!

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