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Celebrating fans through automated campaigns with Cirqle.

British shoe brand Oliver Sweeney has garnered a fascinating following since its launch in 1989 and is all about taking the traditional and give it a contemporary twist. Widely known for their crafting award-winning footwear, Sweeney has blossomed into a renowned British brand that produces everything from hip-flasks and socks to sweaters and men’s fragrances. Oliver Sweeney is synonymous with quality and style. The brand prides itself on its handcrafted processes, finest Italian leathers and the originality of design ensuring they're a favourite with customer, press and celebrities alike. 

To accommodate their expansion strategy, Sweeney was able to seamlessly bring user generated content into the e-commerce experience with a direct connection between the on- and offline world. Creators were invited to a workshop where they could have their leather shoes customized. 

By teaming up with Cirqle, oliver sweeney was able to PRODUCE:

  • 35+ content pieces on the campaign;

  • High quality visits to Oliver Sweeney's pages;

  • Over 1 mln impressions;

  • Over 200K unique pageviews to the blogs promoting the campaign

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