How an industry leader marketed its newest smartphone through the people who would use it the most.

Samsung wanted to promote the Samsung Galaxy S7 in the most efficient way possible. Naturally, they turned to creators, and their decision paid off enormously.

The brand offered smartphones to each creator participating in the campaign and an incredible amounts of applications rolled in. This was especially successful because the reward offered to creators was perfectly chosen. Smartphones are an essential work tool for them and our focus on the product’s high performing camera is exactly what they needed to be convinced.

Creators were keen to get their hands on the phone and show it to their thousands of followers, which is just what Samsung wanted!

Through this campaign, the brand was able to reach its ideal target audience: fervent social media users.

By teaming up with Cirqle, samsung was able to produce:

  • 54 social media posts;

  • Over 19K engagement points;

  • 1MLN impressions;

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