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Here's a 17% Avg. Sales Uplift through Mobile Wallets.

Mobile Wallet Cards enable clients to send push notifications directly to customers phones, allowing for personalised and retained communication. Our solution empowers your customers to enjoy personalized, dynamically updated coupons, tickets and loyalty cards, entirely contactless.

See It In Action

Share a personalized discount tailored to a specific behaviour of the user and present as a reward for in-store or online redemption.


Educate and engage your users with information on your product or service and ignite a conversation with your customers to spark loyalty.

Location-based notifications

Share tailored and targeted updates by GPS or beacon and send your customers a notification when they are in a specific geographic area.


Notify users of upcoming product launches, training sessions, webinars or re-brand existing cards dynamically.


Incentivize users to start your service with an introductory offer.


Entice customers to order online whenever they're in the vicinity of one of your shops.

With mobile wallet cards

Clients communicate directly and continually with their customers, no app download required.

Show me how


Influencers, banners, text messages, or paid media distribute branded Mobile Wallet cards to their followers who can add them to their digital wallet on their phone. From there, we can track whether users have redeemed the code in-store or online. This will also give us an avenue into potential customers pockets as a medium for distributing additional information.

Save to Wallet

Users swipe up to a web view where they can save the mobile wallet offer. The next time the user opens their mobile wallet the offer is there. When the user purchases and show this barcode, the customer can redeem the offer online or in-store.

Personalized Messaging

Once we sit in the users device, we’ll have the ability to send them push notifications based on time and location. Imagine being able to target users whenever they’re close to your store. Incentivise them to come in and keep engaging with useful information on your product.


Users who hold your branded coupon on their device can redeem offers in-store and/or online, completing the marketing path to purchase through a unique, fully integrated, digital solution that serves the off- and online world.

Scan & Go

Scan (or tap) the QR code to take our Sell solution for a spin.

Distribution? Check.

We offer a plethora of distribution strategies. Foolproof and laser-focused.


Deploy over half a million creators collectively reaching an audience of 1.2 billion users worldwide.

Email or Text Message

Already have customers’ phone numbers or emails on file? Integrate them into our platform to send them a text message or e-mail with a link to download the mobile offer.

Owned Media

Leverage our Share paid media platform to deploy ads that drive conversions with our mobile wallet cards.


QR codes can be added to Shelf-Talkers, signage for in-person events, billboards, flyers and posters.

"What I really liked was the geo-targeting capability such that we could target consumers with push notifications when they were near that retailer"

Masha Snitkovsky, Director Digital and Influencer, Marina Maher Communications

Deliver connected and tailored experiences to your customers with dynamic coupons, offers, rebates.


Scheduled Notifications

Reach out to your customers when an opportunity would be most timely for them or your business.

Customer Based Notifications

Reward users for specific behaviours your customers have exercised and retain them by offering personalized rewards and offers.

Location Based

Remind your customers to make purchases when they’re near retailers or in specific areas where your product is sold, capturing their attention at the highest moment of purchase intent.

In Store Notifications

Offer customers in-store notifications through our deployable beacons to give them even more incentives to stay loyal with you.

A streamlined customer experience

Deliver contactless consumer experiences and engage with customers on a new channel, in a new way. So, no more printed signs or coupons that could be lost, we can now serve consumers the outstanding offers and deals she deserves directly to her smartphone.

Share a coupon which includes a discount code, QR code, barcode or loyalty reward code which consumers save on their device.

Drive loyalty with mobile wallet cards by cleverly sharing updated push notifications that entice repeat purchases.

Keep customers informed of the latest news, offers and discounts without requiring them to download a new app.

A calculation that highlights the power of our solution.

Typical ways of sharing creator content include a lot of hassle, manual hand-holding and little control. We’ve changed that for the better. We allow brands and creators to work transparently, at a fraction of the cost. Here's How:


5m impressions

The amount of views your campaign has received.


60.5k click throughs

The amount of clicks on your campaign content.


20k pass downloads

The average amount of saved wallet passes as result of this campaign.


22% redemptions

The amount of consumers redeeming your coupon in-store or online.


$220,000 revenue

With a $50,- average order value

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