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Cost Efficiency

Effectively leverage micro-budgets before doubling down on any ad set.

Audience Targeting

We natively built deep-audiences to help you effectively run ads that drive results.

Ad Optimization

Upload multiple ad-sets, we'll automatically deploy the best for you.

Your ads on ludacrous-mode.

Full transparency.
Total control.

Traditionally, promoting influencer content opens up a whole host of issues - usage rights/fees, social media permissions, etc. Well, not anymore. With our free, easy-to-use, social ads platform, dubbed Share, setting up and maintaining a partnership with your creative talent has never been easier.

1. Customize Posts

Edit post captions to your liking, tweak which Instagram Story Slides receive promotion, etc. all after the post has been shared on social media.

2. Select Ad

Upload multiple pieces of content you’re interested in promoting - we’ll run tests and programmatically select which will give you the biggest bang for the buck.

3. Target Audience

Ads are tailored to clients’ audience/interests and distributed through influencers’ channels using a unique verification process that enables us to drive highly competitive ads.

Achieve 20x return.

Better ad targeting.
Faster deployment.
Stronger results.

Ads are tailored to clients’ audience/interests and distributed through influencers’ channels using a unique verification process that enables us to drive highly competitive ads.

Micro audiences

Target audiences down to the micro-level to make sure you hit your target customer leveraging the influencers’ channels for added efficiency.

Lookalike audiences

Once we have identified your audience sweetspot, we'll bring in the good stuff by targeting similar, lookalike audiences that have shown interest in a similar product or service.

Demographics & Behaviours

Through a vast set of demographic traits and behaviours we're able to target niche audience groups with laser-precision.

Seamless process

Invite your influencer partners to Share and start collaborating with them immediately. We're even able to go back in time and retrieve past posts.

The organic reach of your influencer contenttypically equates a fraction, say 5-20% of the influencers follower base, and presents huge opportunities for amplification.

Increase the reach of your organic content by leveraging our 'targeted audiences' solution.

Enhance your ad performance 20x by boosting your ads to lookalike audiences that have shown a clear interest in your influencers’ social ads.

Meaningful stats

Real-time analytics that unfold a story.

Running social ads in partnership with creative talent has never been easier. Our comprehensive self-serve dashboard shares meaningful analytics using several state-of-the-art metrics and AI to guide you each step of the way in optimizing your campaign.

Shared advertising permissions

No more hassle running ads with your social influencers thanks to shared advertising permissions in one useful overview.


Start advertising when you feel the time is right. We're set up and ready to rumble 24/7 with a dedicated account manager.

20x your ROI

Organic content itself is great but a missed opportunity when not taken to its full potential.

Video views & playthroughs

Track real-time video views and playthroughs on each piece of content shared through the platform.

Cost effective

Our platform has average $2-4 CPMs giving you the cost efficiency to promote content to your heart’s content.

True transparency

Partner with influencers in a transparent and seamless way to boost ad content.

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