An European awareness campaign hyper-targeting key influencers in the United Kingdom and the Netherlands.

Shinola is an American luxury lifestyle brand which specializes in watches, bicycles, and leather goods among other items. That’s why, when the Detroit based brand approached us to launch a campaign to raise awareness for their high-quality products in Europe, we were extremely excited to get started. 

Proposing a new type of social campaign, Shinola decided to offer a country-specific reward to influencers who are part of our platform. Leveraging Cirqle's network of over 7.000 influencers across 50 countries, Shinola was able to conceptualize, launch and trigger influencers across Europe to write about the brand's latest collections.


  • 900K impressions delivered;
  • Over 35.000 engagement points received
  • High-quality content production for re-use in newsletters, banners, in-store ads, etc..
  • 7 influencers were involved in the campaign

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