Boost awareness of's new crowdfunding & crowdsourcing platform TalentLAB in Germany.

TalentLAB, the brand new crowdsourcing platform launched at the V&A during London Design Festival is now open for entries. If you have a brilliant product idea you can upload your concept onto the platform and if you get shortlisted, you’re a step closer to getting your product MADE. This means exposure to a design-obsessed customer base, and royalties every time you sell.

In order to boost awareness of’ś new crowdfunding & crowdsourcing platform TalentLAB, they invited six creatives from 3 different countries to promote the new platform with creative graffitis in front of well-known design universities.

The ideas behind this collaboration were as follows:

  1. Drive awareness and excitement around the new crowdfunding & crowdsourcing platform ‘TalentLAB’ through the creators’ social platforms.

  2. Celebrate the artwork created whilst showcasing the process.

  3. A swipe-up gesture was included to lead the audience to the homepage of MADETalentLAB. This resulted in an abundance of link clicks, generating traffic to TalentLAB’s website while winning new designers as part of the campaign.

Selected influencers

  • Our goal was to bring brands and creative influencers together. To realize that, we focussed on talented creatives in young age (20-35) who love to work with web-based services. We kept an eye looking for creators with an affinity for DIY and content that sparkled with creativity.

  • We chose creators that have seen value in this new platform to promote their work and this resulted in authentic and creative content.

  • To give the influencers the creative space they need, we adjusted the task for them and this led to more diversified artpieces.

  • Based on our proven data, the generated content reached followers interested in modern architecture, design and photography, which are the target customers from TalentLAB

Key learnings

  • The creators felt encouraged to capture their journey to the places as well as the creation of their artwork. This led to a much higher amount of stories as have been mandatory

  • The authentic content generated by the influencers led to an engagement higher than the average engagement rate in this category (4.18% realized overall engagement in comparison to 3.94% benchmark).

  • There was enough space for influencers to unleash their creativity and with that we have been able to generate a significantly higher number of impressions as initially forecasted.


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