How interested New Yorkers attracted a whole new crowd to an underrated part of the city.

The Garment District was looking to promote its thriving scene of boutiques, restaurants, coffee shops, rooftops and bars to attract a substantial amount of visitors to its neighborhood.

Of course, they soon found out that the best way to do this was through a group of inspiring local creators!

So we found 14 curious and adventurous New Yorkers who were keen to explore their city and find out what the Garment District had to offer, all the while doing the things they love. They spent a day wandering through top-notch restaurants, public art exhibitions and amazing rooftop lounges, and then shared all of their discoveries and favorite spots online, reaching millions of Americans.

This project was a total win-win (just the way we like to do things here at The Cirqle): the Garment District got immense exposure and the participating creators had a wonderful time!

For this project we collaborated with Marino PR. A pr-firm based out of New York City. 

By teaming up with Cirqle, THE GARMENT DISTRICT was able to produce:

  • 197 images;

  • 51 social media posts;

  • Over 86K engagement points;

  • 2.14MLN impressions;

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